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Learn Game Programming with Ruby: Bring Your Ideas to Life with Gosu


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Learn Game Programming with Ruby

Bring Your Ideas to Life with Gosu


Level up your programming skills while making fast-paced, arcade-style video games. Make enemy spaceships explode in balls of fire, and escape from a pit while dodging falling boulders. You’ll use the fun and approachable Ruby programming language and the Gosu 2D game library, which makes making games a breeze. Gain the skills and techniques you need to bring your own video game ideas to life with moving images and thumping sounds.

Printed in full color.

Customer Reviews

I wish I had this book, Gosu, and a time machine. Twelve-year-old me would have
had such a blast!

- Jason Clark

Software Engineer, New Relic

Learn Game Programming with Ruby not only teaches one the basics of making
games, but builds a framework to jumpstart an interest in programming. Definitely
a must-read for beginners.

- Rudy R.

Student, Age 16

Learn Game Programming with Ruby is an excellent addition to any Ruby programmer’s
library. If you’re ready to move on from Scratch, you’re ready for this book!

- Douglas Gray

This book is great for people who are curious about learning Ruby for the first
time or for programmers with a little experience. With endless possibilities, this
book lets you have fun at your own pace, explaining every step along the way.

- Marianne K.

Student, Age 15

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What You Need

You’ll need a computer running Windows 7 or later, or Mac OS X 10.7 or later. All the other software you need is free, and the first chapter will get you up and running.

Contents & Extracts


  • Ruby and Gosu
  • What You’ll Need
  • The Road Ahead
  • Bumps in the Road
  • What’s Next?
  • Get Ready
    • Getting Ready with Windows
    • Getting Ready with OS X
    • What if it Doesn’t Work?
    • Install a Text Editor
    • Organize Your Workspace
    • What’s Next
  • Creating Your First Game excerpt
    • Make an Empty Window
    • Getting Images for your Games
    • Draw the Ruby
    • Move the Ruby
    • Make the Ruby Blink
    • Add the Hammer
    • Keep Score
    • Set a Time Limit
    • Play Again?
    • Make it Your Own
    • What’s Next
  • Creating a Sprite-based Game excerpt
    • The Player Class
    • Move the Ship
    • Make an Enemy
    • Make it Your Own
    • What’s Next
  • Managing Lots of Sprites
    • Make more Enemies
    • Fire Bullets
    • Handle Collisions
    • Make Animated Explosions
    • Cleaning Up our Arrays
    • Make it Your Own
    • What’s Next?
  • Adding Scenes and Sounds
    • Start over with Scenes
    • End the Game
    • Add Music and Sounds
    • Make it Your Own
    • What’s Next?
  • Creating a Puzzle Game
    • Drawing The Board
    • Dragging a Square
    • Turn Rules into Code
    • Make it Your Own
    • What’s Next
  • Making a Platformer Game with Physics
    • Use a Physics Engine
    • Make Boulders Fall
    • Make Stationary Walls and Platforms
    • Moving a Character with Physics
    • Add Moving Platforms
    • Make it Your Own
    • What’s Next
  • Making a Side-Scrolling Game
    • Use a Camera
    • Place Platforms Randomly
    • Shake your Camera
    • Make it Your Own
    • What’s Next
  • Package and Share Your Game
    • Packaging for Windows
    • Packaging for OS X
    • Share your Game
    • What’s Next
  • Resources
    • Documentation
    • Images and Sounds
    • Bibliography
  • Author

    Mark Sobkowicz has been teaching physics and computer programming at Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School since 1995. He’s been programming since the 1980s in Basic, C, C++, Java and more, but Ruby is the language he goes to when working with students. Mark lives in Maynard, Massachusetts, and loves hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.