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Agile Web Development with Rails


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Agile Web Development with Rails


This is the first edition of the Rails book. The third edition is now available.

Customer Reviews

As a direct result of reading Agile Web Development with Rails, we built our initial product prototype using RoR and are now building our product using the technology instead of with .NET as we had originally envisioned. We have not formally announced the product, but in general it is an “enterprise” level application targeted at municipal governments. Thanks to both Ruby and Rails, we have made tremendous progress in development with the smallest dev team I have ever had!

- Keith Lancaster

About this Title

Pages: 558
Published: 2005-08-01
Release: P6.0 (2006-07-31)
ISBN: 978-0-9766-9400-7

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As one of the authors of the Agile Manifesto, Dave Thomas understands agility. As the author of Programming Ruby, he understands Ruby and how to describe writing Ruby applications. David Heinemeier Hansson is the creator of the Rails framework. Leon Breedt wrote the web services component of Rails. Mike Clark is an international expert on testing techniques. Thomas Fuchs contributed much of the AJAX support for Rails. Andreas Schwarz wrote the online manual on security for Rails. The authors know Ruby, and we know Rails.