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Continuous Testing: with Ruby, Rails, and JavaScript


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Continuous Testing

with Ruby, Rails, and JavaScript


Feedback. We’re always telling you that you need feedback, with a short feedback gap — the time it takes to get feedback on your decisions, your code, your designs. Well, what if you narrowed the feedback gap to near zero while coding? You’d have continuous testing, a powerful idea that lets you fix bugs while they’re still small and fresh.

Continuous Testing shows you how to use a combination of tests, tools, and techniques to immediately detect problems in code, before they spread.

Customer Reviews

Continuous testing-automatically running unit tests on every source file change-is a radically simple idea. But it requires brain refactoring to use it effectively. That’s why you need this book. Writing good tests for Autotest and Watchr, extending them to fit your coding style, using them for nontesting activities, and dealing with debugging fallout;Rady and Coffin have “been there, done that.” They help you become an effective continuous tester from day one.

- Craig Riecke

Author, "Mastering Dojo: JavaScript and Ajax Tools for Great Web Experiences"

Nowadays many developers wonder how they ever wrote any code without automated tests and TDD/BDD. I suspect they will have a similar experience after reading this book: how did we ever build software systems without continuous feedback? Kudos to Ben and Rod for advancing the craft of software development by writing about, creating, and applying continuous testing tools and project-specific feedback loops.

- Paul Holser

Principal Consultant, Improving Enterprises

This book has a lot of useful information that will help you make sure your tests are run as frequently as possible while wasting as little effort as possible on remembering to run them. I recommend this book to coworkers so they can incorporate the ideas into their daily work.

- Noel Rappin

Senior Consultant, Obtiva, Inc.

This has to be one of the books with the highest valuable-content-to-page-count ratio that I have ever read. This is one of those books that makes you want to “run to your computer and try it out”—-you will love it!

- Fred Daoud

Author, "Stripes...and Java Web Development is Fun Again" and "Getting Started with Apache Click"

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About this Title

Pages: 160
Published: 2011-06-15
Release: P1.0 (2011-06-27)
ISBN: 978-1-93435-670-8

Now you can immediately detect problems in code—before it’s too late, and before problems spread. It isn’t magic, but a clever combination of tests, tools, and techniques that tells you right away when there’s a problem. Not minutes, hours or days from now, but right now, when it’s easiest to fix. Spend more of your time writing valuable software, and less time slogging through code line-by-line and second-guessing your decisions.

We’ll show you how to set up and run automated tests that check your work continuously as you write code. You’ll start with tools such as Autotest and Watchr and see how to use them effectively in a continuous environment.

You’ll discover the fundamentals of creating and maintaining a test suite that’s fast, informative, reliable, and exhaustive. You’ll use powerful techniques such as inline assertions—a much better alternative to debugging or console printing. See how Continuous Testing can improve the quality of your existing tests and ensure that the new tests you write will do the job.

You’ll start with examples in Ruby, Rails, and JavaScript, but you’ll learn general techniques you can apply to a wide range of languages and frameworks.

By giving you instant feedback about the quality of your code and the quality of your tests, continuous testing creates a visceral feedback loop that you can actually feel as you work. Get this book and start doing Continuous Testing: with Ruby, Rails, and JavaScript today.

Contents & Extracts

Full Table of Contents


  • Ruby and Autotest
    • Creating Your Environment excerpt
    • Extending Your Environment
    • Interacting with Your Code excerpt
  • Rails, JavaScript, and Watchr
    • Testing Rails Apps Continuously
    • Creating a JavaScript CT Environment
    • Writing Effective JavaScript Tests
  • Appendices
    • Making the Case for Functional JavaScript
    • Gem Listing
    • Bibliography


Ben Rady has helped both large and small organizations adopt more
effective technical practices and deliver better software. Currently a senior
software engineer at DRW Trading in Chicago, he is a frequent speaker at
conferences around the U.S. As an associate professor at Loyola University,
Ben is helping to mentor the next generation of great software developers.

Rod Coffin is a frequent speaker at software conferences and has written
many articles on a range of software development topics, including agility,
enterprise software development, and semantics.