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Programming Clojure (2nd edition)


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Programming Clojure (2nd edition)


If you want to keep up with the significant changes in this important language, you need the second edition of Programming Clojure. Stu and Aaron describe the modifications to the numerics system in Clojure 1.3, explain new Clojure concepts such as Protocols and Datatypes, and teach you how to think in Clojure.

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About this Title

Pages: 290
Published: 2012-04-05
Release: P2.0 (2015-10-26)
ISBN: 978-1-93435-686-9

Programming Clojure, 2nd Edition is a significant update to the classic book on the Clojure language. You’ll get thorough coverage of all the new features of Clojure 1.3, and enjoy reorganized and rewritten chapters that reflect the significance of new Clojure concepts. Many code examples have been rewritten or replaced, and every page has been reevaluated in the light of Clojure 1.3.

As Aaron and Stu show you how to build an application from scratch, you’ll get a rich view into a complete Clojure workflow. And you’ll get an invaluable education in thinking in Clojure as you work out solutions to the various parts of a problem.

Clojure is becoming the language of choice for many who are moving to functional programming or dealing with the challenges of concurrency. Clojure offers:

  • The simplicity of an elegantly designed language
  • The power of Lisp
  • The virtues of concurrency and functional style
  • The reach of the JVM
  • The speed of hand-written Java code

It’s the combination of these features that makes Clojure sparkle. Programming Clojure, 2nd Edition shows you how to think in Clojure, and to take advantage of these combined strengths to build powerful programs quickly.

What You Need:
  • Oracle JDK 6
  • A text editor

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Contents & Extracts

Full Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Acknowledgments
  • Preface
  • Getting Started excerpt
  • Exploring Clojure
  • Unifying Data with Sequences
  • Functional Programming
  • State
  • Protocols and Datatypes excerpt
  • Macros
  • Multimethods
  • Java Down and Dirty
  • Building an Application
  • Editor Support
  • Bibliography


Stuart Halloway is a member of Clojure/core and CTO at Relevance, where he spends his time on secret projects for world domination, and watching Phineas and Ferb.

Aaron Bedra has been a member of Clojure/core and a developer at Relevance, Inc. where he spent his time as a tech lead, speaker and author. He is a frequent contributor to the Clojure language and its supporting libraries as well as an active member of the Clojure community. Aaron has led the development of several commercial Clojure projects. He currently works at Groupon.