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Programming Clojure (2nd edition)


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Programming Clojure (2nd edition)


If you want to keep up with the significant changes in this important language, you need the second edition of Programming Clojure. Stu and Aaron describe the modifications to the numerics system in Clojure 1.3, explain new Clojure concepts such as Protocols and Datatypes, and teach you how to think in Clojure.

Programming Clojure, Third Edition is available here.

Customer Reviews

The 268-page book is well-organized and well written, and it offers numerous practical code examples.

- Sagecreek Productions

Clojure is one of the most interesting languages out there right now, and the best
way of learning Clojure just got better. The second edition of “Programming Clojure”
adds up-to-date information, plenty of practical examples, and a ton of useful
tips on how to learn, work with, and succeed with Clojure.

- Ola Bini

Creator of Ioke language, developer, ThoughtWorks

Intimidated by Clojure? You won’t be after you read this book. Written in a clear
and enjoyable style, it teaches the language one small piece at a time in a very
accessible way.

- Tim Berglund

Founder and Principal, August Technology Group

The authors have charted the smoothest path yet to Clojure fluency with this
well-organized and easy-to-read book. They have a knack for creating simple
and effective examples that demonstrate how the language’s unique features
fit together.

- Chris Houser

Primary Clojure contributor and library author

Clojure is a beautiful, elegant, and very powerful language on the JVM. It’s
like a cathedral: you could wander into it, but you’d prefer the company of a
knowledgeable guide who can give you their perspective, to help you grasp and
appreciate the architecture and the art. In this book you can enjoy and benefit
from the company of not one, but two seasoned developers who have the depth
of knowledge and the perspective you need.

- Dr. Venkat Subramaniam

Award-winning author and founder, Agile Developer, Inc.

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Contents & Extracts

Full Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Acknowledgments
  • Preface
  • Getting Started excerpt
  • Exploring Clojure
  • Unifying Data with Sequences
  • Functional Programming
  • State
  • Protocols and Datatypes excerpt
  • Macros
  • Multimethods
  • Java Down and Dirty
  • Building an Application
  • Editor Support
  • Bibliography


Stuart Halloway is a member of Clojure/core and CTO at Relevance, where he spends his time on secret projects for world domination, and watching Phineas and Ferb.

Aaron Bedra has been a member of Clojure/core and a developer at Relevance, Inc. where he spent his time as a tech lead, speaker and author. He is a frequent contributor to the Clojure language and its supporting libraries as well as an active member of the Clojure community. Aaron has led the development of several commercial Clojure projects. He currently works at Groupon.