TextMate is a powerful tool for programmers, web designers, and anyone else who regularly needs to work with text files on Mac OS X. TextMate focuses on pragmatic automation, which means it will save you time—time that’s always in short supply. See how your lowly text editor can become a hard working member of your staff.

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About this Book

  • 208 pages
  • Published:
  • Release: P2.0 (2009-09-11)
  • ISBN: 978-0-9787-3923-2

TextMate is a full-featured text editor available for Mac OS X that can greatly enhance your text manipulation skills. TextMate is actually a thin shell over a personalized team of robot ninjas ready to do your bidding. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want their very own team of robot ninjas?

With TextMate you can do your normal work, but signal the ever-watchful ninjas as you go. At your command, they will launch into action, slicing through text, building repetitive structures of data in the blink of an eye, and much more. They will even post to your blog, handle your IRC conversations, and read your email.

Inside this book you will learn how to teleport instantly to the exact line of the file you need to be on, edit the data with the briefest incantations of power, and banish the end result to the land of your choosing. It’s magic, as you can plainly see.

Leave the days of dull work behind. Learn your spells, gain access to your team of robot ninjas, and you too will be able to edit text so effortlessly that everyone watching over your shoulder will be forced to ask, “Wait, how did you do that?”

  • The editor for Rails.
  • Use built-in automations for HTML, Ruby, or over 30 other languages
  • Manage all the files in your projects
  • Fly through your files with easy navigation techniques
  • Master quick and dirty text editing with strong regular expression integration
  • Teach TextMate new languages and actions that will save you time.

Contents and Extracts

  • Introduction
  • Editing
    • Working with Projects
    • Power Editing
    • Find and Replace
  • Automations
    • Built-in Automations (extract)
    • Snippets
    • Macros
    • Commands
    • Automation Tips and Tricks (extract)
  • Languages and Themes
    • Language Grammars
    • Preferences and Themes
  • Beyond This Book

About the Author

James Gray is a contract programmer in Oklahoma. He works for multiple clients doing all manner of work with Ruby. He also builds Rails sites for HighGroove Studios. Lately, James has been busy writing books, including the critically acclaimed Best of Ruby Quiz. James works closely with the TextMate development team and helps to maintain TextMate’s Ruby integration.

Comments and Reviews

  • The amount of knowledge contained in the book is invaluable. It’s not only what’s written, but the ‘what-if’ attitude of the author. It encourages playing with TextMate. Effectively, the book took me from ‘TextMate User’ to ‘Official TextMate Bundle Maintainer’ in a few weeks. Such is the power of inspiration.

    —Ale Muñoz TextMate Bundle Maintainer Chief Mac Evangelist at The Cocktail Experience
  • I’ve been using TextMate for months and I thought I knew everything it could do. I was surprised to discover many editing tricks and key-commands that I had completely missed. James did a terrific job making this book an essential asset for even a seasoned TextMate user.

    —Michael Gregoire nvzion.com and blocSonic.com
  • This book is outstanding. Without saying it, James has made the case for TextMate quickly becoming the interface for 90% of what any OS X user will ever need to do. I’ve read a substantial amount of material concerning both OS X and TextMate, but by Chapter 3, James had blown me away. By the end of Chapter 5 wow. This is some powerful stuff.

    —Stephen Hargrove System Administrator
  • I found this book extremely useful and easy to read. ... [this] book will take you beyond the built-in help and give you an in-depth guide for this great Mac application.

    —Dave Walz-Burkett