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The ThoughtWorks Anthology, Volume 2: More Essays on Software Technology and Innovation


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The ThoughtWorks Anthology, Volume 2

More Essays on Software Technology and Innovation


When you hit a rough spot in software development, it’s nice to know that someone has been there before. The domain experts at ThoughtWorks share what they’ve learned in this anthology, bringing together the best field-tested insights in IT and software development. You’ll benefit from their experience in areas from testing to information visualization, from object oriented to functional programming, from incremental development to driving innovation in delivery. You’ll find yourself referring to this collection of solved problems whenever you need an expert’s insight.

About this Title

Pages: 248
Published: 2012-10-11
Release: P1.0 (2012-10-10)
ISBN: 978-1-93778-500-0

This new collection of essays from the experts at ThoughtWorks offers practical insight and advice on a range of challenges faced daily by software developers and IT professionals. It covers a broad spectrum of software development topics, from tuning agile methodologies to hard-core language geekery. This anthology captures the wide-ranging intellect and diversity of ThoughtWorks, reflected through practical and timely topics.

In it, you’ll find from-the-trenches advice on topics such as continuous integration, testing, and improving the software delivery process. See how people use functional programming techniques in object-oriented languages, modern Java web applications, and deal with current problems in JavaScript development. Scan an overview of the most interesting programming languages today and the current state of information visualization. And it’s all field-tested insight, because it comes from the practical perspective of ThoughtWorks experts.

Each essay focuses on extending your skills and enlarging your toolkit. And each is drawn from practical experience gained in the field.

You’ll benefit from this book if you are involved in developing, deploying, or testing software, either as a manager or developer.

Contents & Extracts

Full Table of Contents


  • Languages
    • The Most Interesting Languages excerpt
    • Object-oriented Programming: Objects over Classes excerpt
    • Functional Programming Techniques in Object Oriented Languages excerpt
  • Testing
    • Extreme Performance Testing
    • Take Your JavaScript for a Test Drive
    • Building Better Acceptance Tests
  • Issues in Software Development
    • Modern Java Web Applications
    • Taming the Integration Problem
    • Feature Toggles in Practice
    • Driving Innovation into Delivery
  • Data Visualization
    • A Thousand Words


ThoughtWorks is a well-known global consulting firm. This collection of essays, selected by well-known ThoughtWorkers such as Neal Ford, Martin Fowler, Ola Bini, and Rebecca Parsons, brings together contributions from well-known authors along with others you may not know yet. The ThoughtWorks Anthology gives burgeoning authors a voice, and gives the outside world a glimpse of the water cooler conversation at ThoughtWorks.