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What Makes Working With PragProg So Great?

Writing with PragProg means so much more than just getting published.

It means having a team of experts who are driven to help you do your best work while guiding you through all the hardest parts of writing and publishing.

It means having developmental editors, technical reviewers, copyeditors, proofreaders, production experts, and marketing support every step of the way.

It means taking your place among our catalog of award-winning titles, and getting industry-wide recognition and acknowledgement for your expertise.

And, of course, it means being paid one of the absolute highest royalties in traditional publishing, starting at 42% for first-time authors and increasing on subsequent titles.

Plus, we’ve partnered with some of the best content platforms in the industry, and we can help you get your message out across an extensive range of formats.

Add it all up, and it means:

Don’t take our word for it, though. Take it from your peers in this series of interviews with our authors.

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Self-Published Authors, Look Here

Have you written and self-published a tech book that you’re now selling on Gumroad, Amazon, your own website or anywhere else? Let us help you increase your sales and broaden your audience.

Through our distribution program, self-published authors can take advantage of our ecommerce site, marketing and promotion channels, and third-party partnerships to land their books in the big league.

Wanna learn more and find out if your book could take its place alongside our other distribution titles?

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