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Every Story Has a Beginning

PragProg authors have made a significant contribution to the world. From writing award-winning books and training generations of programmers to developing cutting-edge software and being a positive force for change in the tech industry, they’ve seen and done it all. But, they all had to start somewhere.

Join us on a Hero’s Journey, where we talk with some of the brightest and best minds in the industry. Discover how these heroes got where they are, and learn what advice they have for you on your own journey.

Hero's Journey with VM Brasseur

The wait is finally over: the first guest of our newly relaunched series is here! VM (Vicky) Brasseur, author of Forge Your Future with Open Source, joins the show to discuss her journey to becoming a pragmatic author. Find out how VM went from free/open source advocate and corporate strategist to pragmatic author, and you’ll discover what it takes to write a book.

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“A Mystical Experience” Hero's Journey with Paolo Perrotta

Ever wonder how authoring books compares to writing articles? More importantly, is making the switch from short-form to long-form worth the effort?

Discover how Paolo Perrotta went from writing short coding articles for programming magazines to authoring full-length technical books for The Pragmatic Bookshelf, and find out why he thinks that experience is not only rewarding but nothing short of mystical.

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“The Serendipity of Life” Hero's Journey with Mike Riley

Many great adventures begin with a leap of faith, a healthy dose of confidence, and a true passion for the task at hand. It’s not only the perfect recipe for starting a journey, it’s the combination of qualities that will see you through the most difficult times.

Come find out how PragProg author Mike Riley has harnessed this mix to fuel a career that spans decades, trends, and media formats.

Full audio interview to come …

“Finding the Boundaries” Hero's Journey with Noel Rappin

Even when you’re ultimately right about what the future holds, the twists and turns along the way can hide some real surprises.

Take a trip with PragProg author Noel Rappin to discover how getting from point A to Z isn’t just about reaching a final destination, it’s about scenic overlooks, different modes of transportation, and having the right travel partners.

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“Idea, Timing, Brand, and Network” Hero's Journey with Bruce Tate

If you think there’s nothing more to being an author than writing words, think again. Being an author is about growing a business, and that means skill, determination, partnerships, and brand all play a role.

Find out how award-winning author and series editor, Bruce Tate, has combined technical expertise with an eye for opportunity to build an impressive career that spans nearly three decades.

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“Don’t Be Afraid” Hero's Journey with Maik Schmidt

When you’re focused on your goals and you keep your eyes open for opportunities, things often just fall into place naturally. What may look like luck from the outside, is actually the result of hard work and knowing when to take a risk.

Discover how PragProg author Maik Schmidt navigated events to propel himself and his career forward. See what’s possible to realize your own dreams.

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“Question-Driven Writing” Hero's Journey with Johanna Rothman

When you’re surrounded by challenges and obstacles, you can give up or you can create solutions and workarounds. For Johanna Rothman, it’s a no-brainer.

From her approach to time management to her take on asking the right questions, Johanna’s got a model for success that has something for everybody.

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“Amplify Success” Hero's Journey with Brian Hogan

Have you ever worried that your only legacy will be in the form of legacy code? Take a page from Brian Hogan’s book — and life — to learn how a simple change in perspective can cause a ripple effect that lasts for generations.

If you struggle to learn from challenging experiences, you’re gonna want to hear this.

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“I Have a Story to Tell” Hero's Journey with Dr. Venkat Subramaniam

How do you grow a successful career as a software developer while simultaneously authoring top-selling tech books, training the next generation of programmers, traveling the world as a consultant and starting up your own tech conference?

Find out how PragProg author Dr. Venkat Subramaniam achieved all of this and more. Learn the secret of his success, get inspired, and then supercharge your own career path.

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